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SCENE Could Help Me Amp Up…

Scene could help YMA amp up our annual conference as well as our event called, Market Yourself 101. YMA is always looking for innovative ways to help students interact with the best companies and representatives in the marketing field. Scene can help foster even more participation at our events and give people the motivation to come out to our exclusive events. This opportunity could help us play some interactive games that have some of the best prizes to give away. In addition, YMA could host a movie screening (of a classic) with Scene’s opportunity after one of our events. This could create more of a personal connection with the club and each other. The movie screening will be rewarding and enjoyable after a day of learning all about Marketing. In addition to the ideas presented, YMA is filled with a creative team of 13 Executives that will indefinitely come up with a few more things we could do to amp up our events this fall!

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