YallaJab…New Campaign to Help Arab Canadians Get Vaccinated



The Canadian Arab Institute (CAI) has partnered with the Yemeni Canadian Community (YCC) and Public Health Agency of Canada on #YallaJab, which is a public health resource campaign focused on getting the Arab-Canadian community protected and vaccinated against COVID-19.
The CAI has created a trilingual Ontario-based vaccine resource hub that aims to increase awareness about and access to vaccinations within the Arab-Canadian community by spreading factual information related to the virus and vaccines, according to a press release.
“This week also marks the start of a Canadian federal election campaign, where public health democracy has never been so vital for the protection of our community, public institutions, and society at large. We know that racialized communities were the most hard-hit by COVID-19 based on our latest research study in collaboration with Brock University,” read the statement.
The rate of COVID-19 cases among Arabs in Toronto is approximately 8 times higher than non-racialized Torontonians. Ontario health professionals have consistently said that vaccines are the way out of this pandemic, and an end to the pandemic means an improvement in the livelihood of Arab-Canadians and other racialized communities.
The resource hub will utilize the power of community networks and social media to increase public awareness about the importance of vaccination, particularly as new variants begin to emerge. By utilizing networks, platforms, and community hubs that people in the Arab-Canadian community rely on, #YallaJab will aim to reach as many Arab-Canadians residing in Ontario. In addition, the #YallaJab resource hub will be available in Arabic, French, and English in an effort to reach the widest demographic of Arab-Canadians possible.

“We are committed to responding to the needs of our community through this resource hub. Please help us in spreading this message so that together we can protect our community and ensure they have access to vital information about their health. Our community, our province, and our country depend on this message in order to make COVID-19 a part of the past,” the statement added.



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