XconnectTo Health connect Oct24

XconnectTo Health connect  Oct 24

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Starting next week, you can expect us to cover the intersection of technology and healthcare by flushing out answers to the following questions:
How have consumer technologies such as tablets and smartphones impacted the delivery of health care?

How can social media help deliver quality care efficiently?
What are the implications of the implementation of social media and consumer gadgets in health care?
What are the future possibilities available to Canadians in accessing health care and information via their smartphones and social media?
Policy and ethical implications of social media use in healthcare
We are currently looking for HealthConnect partners, HealthConnect bloggers/writers or two, a food sponsor and 1 more HealthConnect show guest. Please email makingwaves[at]thirdocean[dot]com. Also, go ahead and register for our October 24th HealthConnect Panel Discussion Event.

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