World Cup Kicks off in Qatar


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The World Cup kicked off in Qatar on Sunday, as Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani arrived at the stadium flanked by FIFA president Gianni Infantino, to a roaring crowd, and took their seats alongside other Arab leaders.

“From Qatar, from the Arab world, I welcome everyone to this year’s World Cup. We have worked so hard to make this one of the most successful events in the world. And we are finally here, in good grace. For 28 days, we will be following, along with the rest of the world, this incredible event, and understanding each other, under this roof. The one roof that brings us all together, with all our differences, cultures, and beliefs- to respect each other, and find harmony in our existence.. I hope that every viewer across the globe enjoys and appreciates this ceremony. Welcome, world!” said the Emir in his opening speech.

Qatar is playing Ecuador in Group A in the first game of the World Cup.

Qatar is the first Arabian country to host the World Cup in what is the 22nd edition of the tournament. This is the second World Cup hosted on Asian soil, after South Korea/Japan in 2002.

Canada is to play Belgium next Wednesday in Group F after 36 years of absence.



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