WORD11 , blogging festival in Toronto for 24 hour


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Brought to you by Canada’s web and media professionals; WORD11 is the world’s first 24-HOUR blogging festival shared by fun, down-to-earth and engaging guest speakers from across North America on challenges and experiences they have had with blogging. WORD11 is an OPEN multi-platform medium – focused on educating and engaging you on the business of blogging. We can show you what it is all about to where it can take you and how you can monetize it.
WORD11 will have over 13 guest speakers, three special presentation streams, and an outdoor ALL-NIGHTER with the geeks. WORD11 will truly celebrate blogging the way it should be.

Join us by registering to WORD11 and you will have a chance to win either an iPad2 or an e-bike, thanks to our sponsors myhosting and Green Choice Moto!


  1. Evolving the Casual User
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Hardcore Development

Unlike regular conferences, WORD11 will be a fun event that goes beyond a ceiling and four walls. Let’s rock on…..

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