What Sales and Marketing hope to achieve at WPC 2012

What Sales and Marketing hope to achieve at WPC 2012
​As my first WPC conference is just days away, the expectation and excitement is soon to be tested as the five of us, from Applicable, arrive in Toronto on Saturday.

Microsoft promise to deliver exciting announcements and first class speakers from around the world, and as my focus is within sales and marketing, I am really looking forward to seeing what’s round the corner from both a technology and messaging prospective.

Our industry moves at a rapid pace and at Applicable we are proud of our technical skills and ability to remain at the forefront of Microsoft’s latest messaging and collaboration technologies. By attending the conference, I am hoping I will be able to see how customers from all over the world are using this technology and more importantly, learn how we can further enhance the messaging and collaboration solutions we currently offer our customers, partners and prospects.

Choosing the best sessions to attend at WPC 2012 was not an easy task; with so much on offer, including sales and marketing content, it was hard to know which sessions would offer me the most information and be the most beneficial to take home with me. Above all, I am most looking forward to seeing the keynote with Steve Ballmer on Monday. I have been following Steve for years and find his energy, enthusiasm and passion truly inspiring, and have high expectations the rest of the Microsoft presenters and speakers will have the same levels of commitment.

Seeing presenters at the event, charged and energised about what Microsoft are doing in the future and delivering now is what I am really hoping for at WPC 2012. By feeling and believing the messages being delivered, it helps us build and deliver our messages for the next twelve months and I hope it will give us some competitive advantage for our customers by having a detailed understanding of what’s coming up in the future.

Microsoft’s marketing campaigns are never dull, and WPC has an agenda packed full of inspiring and useful sessions to support the partner ecosystem build messaging and solutions to take to market. By knowing what campaigns Microsoft are going to be delivering in the future, I hope I will be able to plan ahead for our own campaigns and ride the wave created by the power of Microsoft’s efforts.

Final preparations are being completed at Applicable to ensure we have all our sessions booked and meetings lined up. This year we are sending five of our team to attend the conference and get as much from the agenda and attendees as possible. I will be tweeting throughout @elainelibmurray and would be pleased to hear from other sales and marketing attendees to see if there’s anything I have missed or must see whilst I am there.

See you in Toronto; where I am told the weather is somewhat better than it is here in the UK!

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