Webinars to elevate your Media knowledge,


plus a Live Workshop in March! 

In a series of four live webinars, Shannon will help you to discover the tools and tricks of the trade on how to get known in the media and get more exposure. You will learn how to conduct your own publicity campaign; shine in media interviews; the do’s and don’ts about media relations; how to prepare for interviews; how to write effective news releases and other crucial media materials, including sample templates; how to become the media’s “go-to” expert – and more. If you can’t afford a PR agency, and want to get great media, this webinar series is for you.   
In March 2013, Shannon is also holding a live workshop event in Toronto — 
How to Get Great Media: Find Your Voice, Raise Your Profile
Building on the invaluable content of her live webinars, in-person Shannon will help you discover tools to use the power of traditional and new media to raise your public profile, get known in the media, expand your sphere of influence and grow your business – including:
PR and social media best practices; interview preparation; creating captivating messages; speaking from your heart to the heart of your audience; being an effective spokesperson; positioning yourself for success in the marketplace; using video; speaking platforms; and how to write effective news releases and other materials – and more.
Early bird Registration for the workshop ends March 1.
Don’t wait! We know you have a crucial or inspiring message to get out to your audience. 
With Shannon’s help, you can reach so many more people and make a difference in more lives than ever! 

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