Validation Tools for Digital Media Track Campaigns in Canada


Validation Tools for Digital Media Track Campaigns in Canada
Aug 11, 2011 7:59 AM 2011-08-11
Analytic tracking tools that have long been standard in TV are being introduced to multiple media platforms, as Internet, digital display and portable media ad buying in Canada passes $2 billion.
Digital marketers, agencies and publishers here can utilize new services such as comScore’s AdEffx Campaign Essentials audience validation tool.

The service features an interactive dashboard with several functions for digital media planning and evaluation, including daily reporting of campaign demographics and traditional post-buy metrics such as Reach / Frequency and GRPs.
“Digital ad spend in Canada reached $2.2 billion in 2010, marking a significant milestone as it surpassed daily newspaper ad revenues for the first time,” said Brent Bernie, president of comScore Media Metrix Canada. “Second now only to TV, the need for enhanced accountability in online campaigns has never been greater. Validating the target group delivery and return on investment for digital display, classified and video advertising is paramount if the industry is to continue to grow and ultimately challenge the number one placeholder.”
comScore introduced the digital campaign service in the United States in 2009; it is now available in Europe and Canada.comScore’s recent acquisition of AdXpose, a Seattle-based company providing campaign verification, optimization and brand safety, helped it build its offerings with an end-to-end validation solution that is said to give marketers, agencies and publishers the ability to measure the actual audience composition reached and the frequency for specific media buys; optimize placements and creatives based on performance, using real-time bidding platforms and online campaign alerting; and compare the performance of online and offline media plans using the same post-buy measures used in TV, such as reach, frequency and GRPs .

AOL Canada recently signed on as the first publisher client of Campaign Essentials in Canada.

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