Vaccine supply is not yet robust enough, says John Tory


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Toronto Mayor, John Tory, on Wednesday said that around 30% of people in Toronto got their first dose of the vaccine, noting that the main reason not to expand the vaccination campaign is the supply, not the capacity to deliver.

Responding to a question from Media in Toronto at Collision 2021 press conference, Mr. Tory said “We’re now running mobile and pop up clinics and 1000s of people are attending those clinics in the hotspot areas we’ve literally chosen postal to call postal codes here which is like a relatively small neighborhood, and it’s all based on data rates of infection rates of hospitalization rates of vaccination which are lower among some of these communities which are mostly marginalized community. So we’re long past the point where we actually did select those neighborhoods and we are taking a lower age threshold in those neighborhoods but not all the way down and the reason for that is simply not our capacity to handle the people at vaccine.”

“The vaccine supply is not yet robust enough, it is not robust enough that we’re able to expand our offering. And we’re doing it almost as we speak, but not yet robust enough we can just say, well we’ll throw the doors open and everybody comes so we’ve had to kind of, you know, continue to regulate it through the appointment system by age and panel the age has come way down from a starting age of 80 plus now down to some of these hotspot neighborhoods where in some cases we’ve taken it as low as 18,” he said.

“The main reason for the hands on that throttle is supply, not our capacity to deliver we have a pretty robust capacity to deliver and I’m sure we’ll be changing those probably those ages as supply changes and as this, as we get further into the population we’re at about 30% in Toronto. Now, I’ve had a first dose and some more that have had second, but 30% have had the first dose, but we still have a long way to go to get to where we want to be.”

Collision returns for its second online conference, with 38,039 participants from 141 countries. CEOs, founders, and tech giants, including the CMO of TikTok and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, and stars including Nicole Kidman, are among the thousands of attendees joining the event to network on the company’s proprietary conference software.

Over the last year, Web Summit has hosted more than 180,000 attendees at events on its conference software, which was built in-house by a team of 50+ engineers.

Collision welcomes more than 38,000 attendees from 141 countries – its biggest year yet.

The technology conference has surpassed last year’s count of 32,000 attendees to host its largest event yet. 1,426 journalists, 860 investors, 621 speakers, and 113 partners are using the platform over the three days of the event to make meaningful connections with people all over the world. Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom are among the top attending countries, along with Germany, India, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

180,000 people have used the company’s proprietary platform over the last year.

Since the company attracted 32,000 attendees to its first online event, Collision, in June 2020, the proprietary platform has hosted more than 180,000 people. The company scaled even further to host Web Summit – a 104,000+ person event – on its platform in December 2020. In

March of this year, the platform was licensed to its first ever customer, the United Nations Development Programme.


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