Yesterday evening, at the Canadian Agri-Food Export Cocktail Reception, Malimousse Seafood Dip with Greek yogurt received the 2015 SIAL Innovation Grand Award.
Made with Greek Yogurt and Gluten Free, this new dip from Malimousse pleased the jury by its quality, its flavour and its simple list of ingredients. Offered in a 140 g packaging, the dip is convenient and simply delicious. Small, convenient and healthy, Malimousse Seafood Dip reflects today’s consumers preoccupation and big trends in North America.

All 10 finalists can be discovered at the SIAL Innovation Booth #1935.
Congratulations to all 10 finalists:
·         Doi Chaang Coffee Co. – Social Medium: Organic and fair trade coffee in 90% biodegradable pod. 12 individually wrapped pods. Innovations: packaging, manufacturing process, marketing positioning.
Country: Thailand & Canada/British Columbia. Booth #2245
·         Exotico – Sumatra Robusta Green Coffee: Instant green coffee for fitness. Low in calories. Drink hot or cold. Innovations: component – recipe.
Country: Indonesia. Booth #418
·         Fantino & Mondello – Dry Salami: Gluten free salami bites in a resealable bag. For appetizer. Innovations: component – recipe, packaging. 
Country: Canada/Québec. Booth #1735
·         Fresh Attitude Fraiche – Teriyaki, Stir Fry: Asian inspired vegetables and noodle mix in microwaveable and resealable bowl. Innovations: component –recipe, packaging.
Country: Canada/Québec. Booth #2428
·         Haskapa – Haskap Juice Drink: Haskap juice in a slim bottle. Made from 187 haskap berries, lightly sweetened. Innovations: component – recipe, packaging.
Country: Canada/Nova Scotia. Booth #2307
·         Malimousse – Seafood Dip: Specialty dip with Greek yogurt and fish or seafood. Innovation: component – recipe.
Country: Canada/Québec. Booth #2209
·         Nupasta – Konjac Angel Hair: Gluten free. Ready in 1 minute. Made with konjac root and non-GMO soy. Innovation: component – recipe
Country: China & Canada/Ontario. Booth#1745
·         Omax – Nutritious and Delicious Bar: Nutrition bar sold in chilled or frozen range. Preservative free. Innovations: component – recipe, marketing positioning
Country: Canada/Québec. Booth #2215
·         Pure – Infused Maple Syrup: Spice-infused maple syrup in a sophisticated bottle with wooden cap. Innovations: component – recipe, packaging.
Country: Canada/Nova Scotia. Booth #2307
·         Walter – All-Natural Craft Caesar Mix: Natural handcrafted Bloody Caesar cocktail mix. No monosodium glutamate, isoglucose, colors or artificial flavors.Innovations: component – recipe, manufacturing process.
Country: Canada/British Columbia. Booth #2241

Presidents of Jury:
Xavier Terlet, president and founder of XTC World Innovation
Robert Levy, representative of XTC World Innovation in North America
2015 Jury Members:
Sandra Martin, Multiplatform Editorial Director, Canadian Living
Marie-France Gibson, Vice-president, Private Brands, Metro
John Placko, Culinary Director, Modern Culinary Academy
Michael Bonacini, Chef, Partner, Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants
Simon Tousignant, professor of Food, Nutrition and Risk Management at the University of Guelph-Campus d’Alfred.
Stephen Dean, Packaging Specialist, SDean@canadianpackaging.com
Cindy Stevens, Vice President Customer Relationships Marketing, Sobeys

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