UNTETHER.talks June 26-27

UNTETHER.talks brings together the brightest minds in mobile for two days in Toronto

the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto  June 26-27

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“The premise for UNTETHER.talks was simple,” says UNTETHER.tv co-founder Rob Woodbridge. “There is considerable confusion around mobile right now and no venue for conversation about where to start and where we are going. UNTETHER.talks is that venue and we are proud to host the first event in Canada.”

UNTETHER.tv co-founder Douglas Soltys agrees. “Our plan was to place the smartest people we could find in one room and tell them to point to the horizon, then hold their feet to the fire until they explain how we get there.”
Over two days, attendees will be exposed to a broad view of the sweeping business, consumer, and personal changes brought on by mobile, including the way we shop, the way we pay, and the way we learn. UNTETHER.talks is intended for anyone interested in understanding how mobile will change our lives and livelihoods.

The UNTETHER.talks features keynote presentations paired with panel or one-on-one Q&A sessions
Doug Stephens – Founder, Retail Prophet Consulting
Scott Kveton – CEO, Urban Airship
Tom Hearne – CFO, Score Media
whurley – General Manager, Chaotic Moon Labs
Damien Patton – CEO, Banjo
Kelly McDonald – Manager, Deloitte

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