TTC launches ad campaign

TTC launches ad campaign January 06, 2012 Wendy Gillis
As they stare up at the TTC’s shiny new advertisements, riders might learn a thing or two about upcoming transit projects, see how far the streetcars have come over the years — and maybe even decide to write their MP to demand transit funding.

Such are the hopes of the TTC, which Friday launched the “Moving toward a better tomorrow” campaign, intended to brief riders on everything from improvement projects to what they’ll save using transit instead of a car.  The five posters feature historical TTC photos juxtaposed against new — including accessible buses and the slick subway trains unveiled this summer — “to show that there is some movement,” said Brad Ross, TTC director of corporate communications.
But among the campaign’s most important aims is informing riders about the need for long-term funding commitments from provincial and federal governments.
“We want to make sure that our customers understand what it is that we’re doing at the TTC to improve service,” said Ross. “But in the end, for public transit in Toronto and the GTA to really improve, a better funding arrangement is required from either the provincial or federal governments.”
One poster declares that, at 84 cents per customer, the TTC “gets less financial help than any other major North American transit system,” comparing it with transit systems in Montreal ($1.28 per customer from city and provincial governments) and Chicago ($2.64 per customer from local, state and federal governments).
“It informs customers about just how the TTC is funded” and arms riders prompted to call their MPP or MP with information to back up their beefs.
The campaign cost the TTC $50,000 — the price of production, since the advertising space on buses, streetcars, subway trains and stations is free — and will run for eight weeks.
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