Trudeau vows to continue fight on Keystone XL pipeline


Canada won’t stop trying to convince U.S. president-elect Joe Biden of the merits of the Keystone XL pipeline expansion, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insisted Tuesday.

This comments come just days after reports that Joe Biden is planning to cancel the planned pipeline expansion as one of his first moves after becoming U.S. president on Wednesday.

“Yesterday, I spoke with our Ambassador Kirsten Hillman. We’ve had a clear and consistent position supporting this project for years. Our government is making sure that Canada’s views are heard and considered by the incoming administration at the highest levels,” Trudeau told reporters.

He added that he is “really looking forward” to working “closely” with Joe Biden and his team to “create jobs and build back better together.”

Trudeau also said that he discussed the pipeline issue with president-elect Biden in a conversation “a number of weeks ago.”

Opposition parties on different sides of the issue want Justin Trudeau to make a stand. Both the Greens and New Democrats are praising Biden for his climate leadership, saying this is an opportunity for Trudeau to finally lead on the environment and work with the new administration on climate strategy.

Meanwhile, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is joining the premiers of Alberta and Saskatchewan who are pushing for the prime minister to stop Biden, arguing this is a project of national significance and that cancelling it will be disastrous for both the Canadian and U.S. economies.

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