Trudeau Calls Federal Election On Sept. 20


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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, on Sunday, called an election on September 20, seeking to regain control of the parliament, after he lost it in the 2019 elections.

The campaign will last 36 days, the minimum campaign length permitted by law.

Following a meeting with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau this morning, Governor General Mary Simon approved his request to dissolve Parliament, triggering the issuing of the election writs and formally beginning Canada’s 44th federal election.

Trudeau has governed Canada for the past two years with only a minority of legislators in parliament, forcing him to get the support of one of the left-leaning parties to pass legislation. With the snap vote, he is hoping to secure a parliamentary majority that will allow him to pass a progressive agenda including increased child care, more social spending, and investments in clean energy.

Confirmation of the election comes after weeks of whispers about a looming federal campaign. Tempers frequently flared in the House of Commons as politicians neared the end of the spring sitting in June, and the government shifted its tone to attack the opposition parties as obstructing its agenda.

Public opinion polls show the Liberals, in power since 2015, hovering in the mid-30% range of support, which is near the threshold needed to regain control of the House of Commons in Canada’s fragmented political system.

Trudeau’s party is likely to campaign on the message that a steady hand is needed to fight the pandemic and continue the economic recovery. The Liberals released an advertisement on social media on Saturday with the slogan, “Forward. For Everyone.”

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