toronto talks HOW TO SET YOURSELF UP TO WIN” with Sona van der Hoop

HOW TO SET YOURSELF UP TO WIN” with Sona van der Hoop

There is great power in moving forward with a mindset that is open, full of clarity, sees new possibilities and creates room for achieving extraordinary results.
Combine that with the understanding of what matters to you and why…… and you have the main ingredients for a recipe that sets you up to win every time.
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In this evening session, leadership expert Sona van der Hoop will help you realize how limiting beliefs keep most people from having the career and personal life they desire.
You’ll receive a powerful “cooking lesson” to make your recipe for a successful life become the foundation of your life. And you’ll leave this presentation clear about what you need to do to drive it home.
About Sona van der Hoop.
Sona van der Hoop is a gifted and effective speaker and workshop leader. Her power comes from the more than 20 years experience as a corporate and personal character development facilitator. Passionate about helping people, she leads them to setting risky and exciting goals and then hitting the mark. Sona combines a deep understanding of what motivates people to take action with her high energy engaging presentation style. The key to her effectiveness as a speaker is the interactive nature of her presentations, creating enduring results by challenging people to see themselves, their career, their business, and life itself in new ways.
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