“Titanic,” Rihanna, Real Madrid, YouTube and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

“Titanic,” Rihanna, Real Madrid, YouTube and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

August 23rd, 2011

Film and musician Pages practically ruled our list of the top 20 growing Facebook Pages by the number of Likes. Although there did appear to be some Page consolidation coloring the numbers this week — some unknown musicians’ Pages and older films’ Page grew by millions of Likes — many among our list regulars continued their march towards growth. Pages on our list this week required 413,800 and 3.7 million Likes to make the top 20 this week. We compile these lists with our PageData tool, which tracks Page growth across Facebook.

Name Likes Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1. Titanic 6,345,569 +36,492 +3,772,321
2. Friendship 3,036,282 +2,074 +2,951,165
3. Braveheart 2,747,307 +686,355 +2,402,274
4. Hockey 1,470,703 +342 +1,394,512
5. maNga 2,761,032 -2,518 +772,632
6. Fast & Furious 8,876,659 +21,909 +684,299
7. Black Entertainment Television (BET) 1,105,258 +870 +670,950
8. 2pac 3,520,205 +5,700 +587,174
9. Real Madrid C.F. 18,742,876 +34,989 +574,336
10. The Smurfs 2,882,519 +89,012 +560,203
11. Facebook 51,389,718 +66,864 +532,147
12. Harry Potter 33,282,663 +66,786 +507,178
13. Music 26,457,139 +63,511 +471,527
14. I Love My Daughter 720,098 +12,640 +464,394
15. Eminem 45,979,177 +48,055 +462,644
16. Rihanna 44,063,065 +54,165 +440,797
17. YouTube 44,151,742 +51,073 +437,332
18. dubstep 1,924,705 +5,589 +433,608
19. FC Barcelona 19,401,890 +49,999 +432,621
20. Shakira 39,525,456 +44,621 +413,756

Starting out with the movie Pages, “Titanic” took the number one spot this week; previously we had see a Community Page for this film on this list, but this week it was the actual film’s Page. Growing by 3.7 million Likes to 6.3 million total, mostly between Tuesday and Thursday of last week hints that this was a Page consolidation. “Braveheart” is a Page that was only recently created, but also grew most of its 2.4 million Likes in a few days last week, to 2.7 million.

Then there was “Fast & Furious” with a huge jump last week, growing by 684,300 Likes in the past week to 8.8 million; the film is working on a promotion with NASCAR. “The Smurfs” grew by 560,200 Likes to 2.8 million while “Harry Potter” grew by 507,200 Likes to 33.2 million; both films seemed to ride their current popularity to this growth.
Music was also very popular this week, as mentioned.

Friendship grew by 2.9 million to just over 3 million this week, a huge jump last week. Hockey showed a similar pattern, growing 1.3 million of its 1.4 million last week. Then maNga, a Turkish metal band, grew about 772,600 Likes to 2.7 million, also with a huge jump. 2pac, dead for many years, saw his Page grow 587,200 Likes to 3.5 million, again seeing a big jump last week. Community Page Music grew by 471,500 Likes to 26.5 million. Eminem’s Page grew by 462,700 Likes and the updates to his Page included a music video and charity update; his total is 45.9 million. Rihanna’s Page grew by 440,800 Likes to just over 44 million Likes. The dubstep Page grew by 433,600 Likes to 1.9 million and finally Shakira grew by 413,800 Likes to 39.5 million by posting vlogs from her tour.

Other Pages included Black Entertainment Television (BET), which seems to have been consolidated by 671,000 Likes to 1.1 million. Two football (soccer) Pages were on the list, Real Madrid C.F. with 574,300 Likes to grow to 18.7 million with lots of photos, polls, videos and other updates; then there was FC Barcelona grew by 432,600 Likes to 19.4 million Likes by updating games and photos.
Facebook’s Page grew by 532,100 Likes to 51.4 million and YouTube grew by 437,300 Likes to 44.1 million. Then there was an odd Page, I Love My Daughter, which grew most of its 464,400 Likes to 720,100; the comments on the Page seemed to indicate that its spammy, sending “work at home” messages and not allowing users to unlike the Page, a trend we reported previously.

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