#ThumbleUpTO September Scavenger Hunt Photowalk x Nuit Blanche


#ThumbleUpTO September Scavenger Hunt Photowalk x Nuit Blanche

Saturday, September 29, 2012 from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM (EDT)

In front of Old City Hall  60 Queen Street West  Toronto, Ontario M5H 2M3   
What is a #ThumbleUp?
In the past few weeks, many of you have asked us What is Thumble? There is no better way to explain than hosting a real life Thumble Game.
A #ThumbleUp is a scavenger hunt photowalk. Before the Photowalk, a list of “interesting things” will be posted. Capture as many as possible with your camera and post to Thumble’s Facebook Page. Each photo scores you 5 points and each like scores you a point, and whoever gets the most points win.

#ThumbleUpTO x Nuit Blance Nuit Blanche is a free all-night contemporary art event. The first #ThumbleUp in Toronto will happen during the event. What is better than having fun, rediscovering Toronto, enjoying art and meeting amazing people?

When: Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 5:30 pm
Where: In front of Old City Hall on Queen Street Toronto, ON Canada
Who: You! All skill levels are welcome! If you have a phone camera, you are ready to start Thumbling.
Cost: It is FREE but don’t forget to bring your smile 🙂
Spread the word
  • Use #ThumbleUpTO tag on all your photos/tweet/post you share related to the photowalk
  • Please share the event with your family, friends and followers
  • Don’t live in Toronto, and you think there should be a #ThumbleUp in your city? Contact our #ThumblePRgirl and she will help you turn it into reality. Drop her a line at social@thumbleappl.com
Map and Schedule
Coming Soon 😀
1. I have never been on a Photowalk before.
Photowalk is a meetup with more fun.This will the first time attending a photowalk for many people. Don’t be shy, everyone is very friendly.
2. I don’t know how to take photo.
Don’t worry. All photographers started out as amateurs one. You don’t need a fancy DSLR to take beautiful photo. Cell phone camera and image editing apps in phone are quire sophisticated. You can take amazing photo with your cell phone. Plus we are here to help you. If you have any question feel free to ask anytime 😀
3. I don’t want to take photo.
Just walk with us and talk to people. If you want you can talk to #ThumblePRgirl, Cammi anytime, and she will connect you with some amazing people.
4. What should I do if I am late?
  • Check the map, follow the schedule to catch up
  • If you still cannot find us, contact our #ThumblePRgirl, Cammi @ 416-832-5314, she will help you find the group.
5. Can I leave early?
Of course, you can leave anytime. Please let us know before you leave so we don’t think you are lost.
6. What should I do if I get lost?
Just contact our #ThumblePRgirl, Cammi @ 416-832-5314, she will help you find the group.
7. What should I wear?
You should wear something warm and comfortable.
8. What should I bring?
Yourself and your camera/phone. Don’t forget to charge the night before. You might want to bring a bottle of water. And of course a lot of smiles and warm hugs.

Thumble app [@ThumbleApp} is a real time photo sharing game for iOS.
To sign up for beta please visit our website:
Hostess: #ThumblePRgirl – Cammi Pham [@cammipham]
Phone: 1-416-832-5314
Email: social@thumbleapp.com

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