Thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators rally in Toronto


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More than 10 000  of pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered at the Nathan Philips Square in central Toronto on Saturday May 15,2021 , protesting against the recent Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

A smaller group of less than 100 pro-Israel demonstrators also gathered in the same area and teams of police worked to keep the two groups apart.

Many in the rally, organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), called for Canada and the West to end their support of Israel.

The organizers urged the participants to show their support towards the Palestinian cause, condemning the past and ongoing “ethnic cleansing of Palestine.”

The protesters carried a large Palestinian flag and chanted “Free free Palestine, occupation is a crime.”

The protest comes amid ongoing escalation in the Middle East. Israel and the Hamas group have been exchanging air and rocket strikes for several days.



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