Thousands of Free iPads Coming to Toronto Airport


Thousands of Free iPads Coming to Toronto Airport

Posted by Knowlton Thomas

on 2012-06-08 9:30:00 AMWell over 2,000 free iPads will be available for anyone’s use at three major airports next year.
One of these airports is Canadian: Toronto Pearson International.

The iPads will be secured to tables with a selected suite of apps—from Facebook to games to m-commerce—preloaded on the devices, which will be completely free to use.
The company behind this grand move is OTG Management, which runs airport eateries. The CEO of OTG, Rick Blastein, told Eric Ogg over at GigaOm that his company is “very bullish on the iPad” and its customer and client satisfaction levels.
While the iPads will be designed to lure people into the airport restaurants—they will inform you how much time you have before your flight leaves and then suggest you visit an eatery in the meantime, for example—they can be used simply as time-killing entertainment devices, no strings attached. They even double as charging stations for your iPhone or MacBook (or non-Apple device, too).
There is no hard date on when Toronto Pearson will be getting its share of iPads; OTG says the technology will be rolled out over the next 12 to 18 months. In all, the company plans to buy up to 100,000 iPads to insert into airports across North America over the next several years

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