The Social Media Turnaround Show #SparkleSOS


The Social Media Turnaround Show #SparkleSOS
#sparkleSOS sept 17 3 pm ET live on G+

If you love reality TV turnaround shows like Tabatha Takes Over, Kitchen Nightmares and Pregnant in Heels, you’re going to love #SparkleSOS, the new social media turnaround show, launching September 17th at 3pm ET live on your G+ HoA and archived on YouTube. We’re not a standard TV reality show yet, but you never know…

As a retail or food industry business owner, you might not have the time to keep up on all the latest gadgets and trends in the ever-changing world of social media. If you’re struggling and want a fresh new perspective on how your business can be using social media today, we’ll take a look at your business and brand live and share with you our no-commitment thoughts and ideas!

#SparkleSOS is a new social media turnaround web series. Created by Social Sparkle & Shine, we bring together active community managers, PR, digital and social media professionals on the newest social broadcasting community, Google+ Hangouts on Air to brainstorm and offer advice to help “turnaround” the social media challenges faced by other professionals, business owners, students and newer social media professionals.
If you’d like to participate as a part of #SparkleSOS or chat with our guest experts anytime, we’re on Twitter at #SparkleSOS and shows will be archived for your enjoyment on YouTube and the #SparkleSOS tab on our website. To be one of our social media professionals on-air, give me a shout at with your offer to help, or your suggested questions for the experts!
We’re not ONLY for food industry and retail businesses, but anyone in any business! Our guest this week is the social media community manager from Freshii Restaurants, a sustainable, healthful, fast-food, retail organization, so this is a GREAT opportunity to get their insights and talk shop if you struggle with some of the same challenges > getting people in your store and interested in talking (positively) about your brand on social media.
#SparkleSOS is scheduled live on Mondays at 3pm ET when we have experts available to join us, so check back often for our schedule of upcoming live G+ Hangouts on Air that you can chat with live. Simultaneous to the G+ HoA live program, we will also be hosting a Twitter chat using the hashtag #SparkleSOS.
Please send us your thoughts or questions anytime or live, using the #SparkleSOS hashtag – if you’re new to participating in live chats on Twitter, I recommend using > it’s a very basic program that aggregates the chat & shows only the conversation on the #SparkleSOS hashtag and you don’t need to remember to put the hashtag into every tweet in order to stay in the conversation!
Experts: You are what makes this so special. We all have so much knowledge of social media that many of the simplest activities have become second nature to us. You might not feel like an expert, but you certainly have more knowledge and a comfort level with social media (what I call “Social Media IQ”), that allows you to enjoy conversations ad nauseum – please join us! I will be sure to make it interesting & entertaining and hopefully valuable for you too!
Turnaround Candidates: We are all candidates for a turnaround at different times in our exploration of social media and how it can be implemented within business activities, and used to help improve our business bottom line.
If you have a specific burning question, or want to chat with our guest experts live, you can submit your question anytime on Twitter using #SparkleSOS, on the Social Sparkle & Shine Facebook page, on Google+ (of course!), or by emailing at any time.
For one lucky participant on the show (or Tweetchat), I have a Freshii gift card to keep you ENERGIZED!

> Special Guest: Melissa Crnic @melissacrnic < FRESHII
Entrepreneurship enthusiast, do-er, minimalist, people-watcher, nerd. One part @llcodedotcom and @thisishackeryou, one part @freshii.

Toronto ·
Sparkle previously interviewed Mel about her current experiences as 1/2 the #cmgr team at Freshii worldwide.
> Host: Debbie Horovitch @Sparkle_Agency
15+yrs spending millions of client $ on ads @debbie_h2o I see biz’ daily not using social media to grow #cmgr @cafemoba Bloggers:@authorrstodd @businessman2021
Toronto and worldwide ·
> Tweetchat #SparkleSOS host & moderator: CamMi Pham @cammipham
@thumbleapp PR girl, Blogger @, Married to Twitter, having an affair with G+, Host of #RBChat #PhotoChat, tea drinker, Will work for shoes
Toronto, ON Canada ·
More guests to be confirmed ~

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