Mississauga Art Council AGM


The Mississauga Art Council Annual General Meeting

By Julie El-Chaer for Media in Toronto

On Wednesday, March 29th, 2017, the Mississauga Art Council (MAC) met to discuss the board of directors, the annual report from 2016 and plans for art in the city.

Mayor Bonnie Crombie spoke about the “Role of Arts in City Future,”

“In Mississauga, we are building a complete city – a place where people can raise a family, where an education, find a well-paying job, access regionally-integrated transit and enjoy an unrivaled quality of life.

Investing and supporting the arts, heritage and our creative businesses is fundamental to city-building.

Working together with the city of Mississauga, Council and staff, we will continue to ensure that Mississauga enjoys an unrivaled reputation as an emerging, world-class arts community.”

Mayor Crombie speaking about the role of arts in Mississauga’s future on March 29th, 2017.

Speaking after Mayor Bonnie Crombie was MAC President Brian Crombie, who also spoke about art within the community,

“We believe in the value of being an organization that facilitates partnerships, collaborations and healthy competition between artists, organizations and cultural industries, to strengthen creative communities and contribute to a more vibrant city.”

MPP Bob Delaney and Councillor Ron Starr also spoke alongside MAC President Brian Crombie.

Executive Director, Mike Douglas presented Mississauga Art and Culture Television, or MACTV for short. MACTV is a “new communications proposal aimed at taking better advantage of this content to host and produce short videos for an active online arts channel.”

Be sure save the date for the 2017 MARTY awards on May 18th, tickets coming soon! Nominations are also open until April 1st, 2017!

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