The Future of Data Analytics: Looking Beyond Traditional Channels to Engage Consumers

Financial institutions are somewhat ahead of many other industries in their ability to generate and use customer segmentation, analysis, and predictive modeling in order to engage and retain their customers. However, there is one caveat – channel explosion! With consumers no longer using just traditional channels, financial institutions are tasked with the additional mandate of understanding, engaging with and yes, selling to their customers in as many channels as the customer demands – websites, smart phon…

es and tablets, social media and SMS, to name a few.

This event will discuss:
■ Where the Financial Services industry has evolved from, where it is today, and what the future of customer analytics and interaction looks like
■ How to overcome the pains the Financial Services industry faces in achieving a channel-agnostic state of customer communication and interaction from a customer data and predictive modeling perspective
■ Next level predictive customer analytics – not just predicting consumer behaviour, but ultimately understanding how to influence behaviour to enhance customer engagement, maximize customer retention

Featured panelists:
Wendy Correoso, Director, Pitney Bowes Software
Gayle Ramsay, Director Lead Management & Customer Insights, Bank of Montreal
Yvonne Ziomecki, VP, Marketing and Product Management, International Insurance Services, American Express
Jonathan Huth, Partner, Conversion Marketing-Communication

$50.00 Members
$80.00 Non-members
$30.00 Students

* includes applicable taxes

Financial Services Shared Interest Group Sponsor: Scotiabank
Event Sponsor: Pitney Bowes Softwar

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