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Social Media Help Show
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Casting Guests for Social Media Help Show
Monday sept 17th, 2012
Needed: Guest Experts & Food Service Business Owners & Marketers to Participate & Submit Questions
Payment / Earning for Your Business: As much as you make it!

Your Time Commitment: About 1 hour
Requirement: Computer with internet access, and an inquisitive disposition are required!

We have a job for you! #SparkleSOS is a social media turnaround show launching live on Google+ this week and we want more guests and businesses submitting questions to be answered by our guest experts. If you are a student or PR / marketing professional learning about social media for your restaurant, quick service restaurant, health food retail store employers or clients, or you are a business owner in need of some suggestions FAST, join us on Monday at 3pm ET, for 1 hour.

The purpose of this social media show on Google+ and Twitter is to offer business marketers and less experienced social media professionals insights into effective social media activities and digital PR that can “turnaround” the impact of their social media strategy with a noticeable change to the business.

Freshii September 17th 3pm ET
Google+ Hangouts on Air – email me your questions to have answered by our guests, live on the show #SparkleSOS Tweet your questions live, or anytime before the show

Confirmed Guest Experts include:
> Mia & Mel Social Media Community Managers at @Freshii – 7,000 facebook likes & 8,700 twitter followers – interviewed on Social Sparkle & Shine blog >
> Tim McDonald (@Tamcdonald 11,000 Twitter followers) – Founder My Community Manager blog & community manager at @HuffPostLive (11,000+ Twitter followers)
> @CamMiPham – 72,000+ Twitter followers and host of #RBChat Mondays at 10pm ET
> Hosted by @Debbie_h2o founder @Sparkle_Agency

Keywords: Retail, Restaurants, Stores, Boutiques, QSR, LOHAS, Salads, Mobile App for retail, Gamification, Students, CMGR, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Foursquare

Suggested Discussion Questions collected so far:
1. What do you think are the primary benefits of social media for retail businesses?

2. As a retail food business and QSR (Quick Service Restaurant), what is your biggest social media fear, and what do you do to prepare for it? (what would be your / your boss’s social media nightmare?)

3. How do you deal with people talking badly about your stores, restaurants on Facebook and other social media?

4. What is the most effective activity for GROWING your social media communities?

5. Where else, other than social media, do you promote your customers interact with you?

6. Can you share one story from your social media experience that really underscores the impact you have on customers?

7. What inspires you and the most successful social media activities you’ve implemented?

8. What other restaurant / food brands do you see on social media doing really smart things?

9. What have you experienced struggles with in your social media experience?

10. What are you most proud of in your social media activities?

If you have more questions, let me know! If you know someone who has questions or who is struggling to REALLY make social media work, share this link with them! Everyone is welcome!

Which of the above questions do you most want to hear the answers to? Are there other burning questions you have?

Submit Questions: 1-416-553-2157

Compensation: You will earn at least as much as you give ~

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