Some Cool Stuff You May Have Missed at Jugnoo’s Social Mix 2012


Some Cool Stuff You May Have Missed at Jugnoo’s Social Mix 2012

Posted by Herbert Lui

on 2012-07-30 10:30:00 AMThe Fairmont Royal York played host to Jugnoo’s Social Mix conference on July 26. Jugnoo planned and held a fantastic full-day event with various strong speakers, like Gini Dietrich and Geoff Livingston (who delivered a great presentation around silos and marketing integration amidst the difficult time slot), as well as the underrated Sergeant Tim Burrows’ presentation on police and marketing.

Here are some others that I wanted to highlight.
The conference kicked off with Amber Mac talking about seven steps to social media success for startups. Amongst these steps were being careful with timing (which can be the difference in terms of relevance and appropriateness), listening well, and choosing the right tools.
Specifically for Facebook, Amber advised the audience to produce compelling content, use photos/videos (which are more engaging on Facebook), and make a calendar for content (specific ideas on certain days of the week, and research best times to post these ideas).
Amber also introduced some neat tools, like The E-mail Game, SceneTap, and CardMunch, to illustrate her observations in trends.
You can see Amber’s full slideshow here. You’ll also notice at the bottom of certain slides the “Tweetables” that Amber introduced: short, little messages that people may be inclined to Tweet.
“Influence is a force that produces effects in actions, behaviour, and opinions,” said Matt near the beginning of his speech.
More importantly, you don’t need to be friends with everyone to have influence. For example, in the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ferris wasn’t friends with everyone; he was just friends with the right people. That’s how word spread about his illness so rapidly across the school.
Similarly, in order to reach our target audiences, we need to be friends with the right people. We need to listen tastemaker decisions and opinions. Essentially, we are moving content to our audience through vehicles like tastemakers and influencers.
Gary V was to present at the end of the conference. I wasn’t really sure what to expect; after all, I’d already seen so many of his speeches online, and I’ve also read his books. Will he hold up to the hype and high expectations we’d set of him? Or will he deliver a rehearsed, unremarkable keynote?
Gary did not disappoint.
He launched his keynote with four main ideas: supply, demand, attention, and storytelling.
He received a ton of laughs when he pointed out that everything gets ruined by marketers. Remember e-mail and how delighted we were when it first came out? Similarly, social media is going to get ruined by marketers.
There is one thing in limited supply in the world: effort. When you care, the amplification effect of that act is high. In a day where people’s bullshit radars are greater than ever, when the word spreads that you actually care, it makes a huge difference in terms of mental positioning and attention.
Customer acquisition is going to be mapped and completely executable; instead, everyone will be fighting to retain their customers. This is done through old school, high touch, “giving a shit” marketing.
Despite it being held for only a day, Jugnoo’s Social Mix 2012 was capable of covering a lot of ground. It also helped fund and bring to light The REMIX Project, an initiative that empowers underprivileged youth to create awesome art and excel at each of their respective crafts.

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