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Shirley Williams @williampearl

The internet radio show
may 24th

This episode will focus on social media in the workplace. There has been a lot of press on social media use in the workplace – from its official to unofficial use for business.
We will surface the current perceptions of social media in the workplace and offer a definition from a people practice and organizational culture perspective. This will be an insightful conversation about the current organizational trends and “ownership” of social media. We will attempt to answer the question of why People Managers and Human Resource Professionals need to build their social media digital IQ; how it can be a valuable asset for both the business and employees. We will have a healthy discussion on personal branding versus business branding and the implications of social media to the organization’s culture. My guests for this episode are Christine Mcleod, Chief Possibilities Officer and Founder of IMPACT99 and Pam Ross, Chief Experience Officer, Partner of IMPACT99.

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