Social media Strategist: What Does It Take To Be a Social Strategist?

What Does It Take To Be a Social Strategist
Are you a Social Strategist? Do you want to become one? Here is an awesome infographic (right amount of information vs. graphics) on the profile, duties and keys for success to becoming a successful Social Strategist. This is great to review if you already in the field to see where you fit. Also I personally would like to pass it out (maybe rolled up like a scroll) as a response to the “wow, it must be great to be on Facebook and Twitter all day and get paid for it!” when you tell people your job. Read the whole article at Masable.

Looking to break into a social media career? Here’s pretty much everything you need to know about the job and the people who do it every day. Nearly 80% of corporations use social media, so there’s plenty of opportunity for aspiring strategists — especially as the other 20% get on board.
Step 1: Get a Twitter account — 100% of social media managers represented in the survey have one, and you have to know the lay of the land if you’re going to innovate and build a brand on said land.
Step 2: Be ready to wear many hats. When it comes to social media, there’s a lot to tackle, including crafting actual posts, analyzing metrics, training and managing a team, spearheading campaigns, working with agencies and managing a budget.
Want to know if you’re cut out for it? In the infographic below, you’ll see the personality traits, education, career paths and responsibilities of today’s successful social media strategists. Statistics were pulled from LinkedIn data, job listings for positions in the field, and a report by Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter Group.

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