Social Media Pearls Episode june 21

#SocialMediaPearls Episode 6: The Content in Social Media
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June 15, 2012
After the the social media strategy has been debated, discussed and finalized, what’s next? Well, one important tactic or plan is your content. What information will you share with your network? How will this information support your strategy, goals and quite frankly how will it take you to where you want to be?

This episode will touch on the subject of content marketing and curation. We will discuss content marketing concepts; how to share content that will deliver value to your customers and your business. We will discuss how both original content and curated content can lead to business gain.
Now in an earlier post, I touched on content marketing and storytelling. I am so pleased to have as my guests Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion and Karen Dietz, Just Story It, to have this discussion.Both are strong leaders and practitioners in this field. I am so excited! Do checkout their bios on the guest bio page. It will be a lively and engaging episode.  June 21st 8pm EST. Here is

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