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ShowBook Week 12.2 ( or simply, from October 20th till 26th.
This one-on-one 45 minute session with a Creative or Art Director allow industry talent to gain feedback, direction and knowledge on how to make their books better. To be noticed and to be reached by the right people.
The session allows both talented minds to fully connect and be inspired in an intimate setting of what it takes to be better, to prep for today’s marketplace and to make a jump.
This October; in less than 37 days.. Our attending Directors come from Secret Location, Anderson DDB, Mindfern, Iconica, Method and padpholio. The week is not limited to recent graduates or students. This a week that is entirely open to the industry who wishes to gain a creative voice, promote better creativity and be able to take in first hand knowledge to be better, more defined. Last season (April), industry talent was in search to find where they stood in the marketplace. By which they acquired first hand knowledge and viewpoints of our attending Directors from Casco Design, Mindfern, Entro | G+A, Iconica, Blueband Media and padpholio After a very positive feedback from both attending guests and directors, we knew bringing back ShowBook Week is a must to kick-off and prepare for the busy season as creatives, as designers and industry leaders.

I would really appreciate your support if you could forward the knowledge of this event to anyone who is of fit.

Design Clubs/Groups/Associations,
Creative from the Industry,
Graduates and Alumni’s,
Lead & Senior Designers,
Entry & Seasoned Freelancers

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