Revoking Regulation 274 to help hiring teachers faster – Lecce


Shady Salah – Media in Toronto

Ontario Education Minister, Stephen Lecce, on Monday said that the new decision to scrap the regulation that favors teachers with the most seniority will remove the red tape and help hiring more teachers faster. Premier Doug Ford’s government is revoking a policy (Regulation 274) that for the past decade has forced Ontario school boards to hire only from a pool of teachers with the most seniority.

“Moving forward, merit will lead hiring within our schools,” Lecce said. “Teacher hiring now in our schools will be dictated by merit, diversity and the unique needs of schools and communities within our province over seniority.”

Responding to a question from MEDIAinTORONTO, the minister said “we know that there is a need for teachers. It’s why we provided $1.3 billion in funding. We’ve hired well over 2200 net new teachers. So we’re doing something right here. Now with respect to how do we do more hiring, given the shortage of teachers to fix one regulation 274 will remove the red tape, and the probe timely process. It takes school board leaders and principals to hire teachers, the regulation literally by design slows down the process, and that is not acceptable nor is it particularly helpful.”

“We obviously need qualified educators within our schools, there’s just no excuse for this anymore. So, this regulation is going to make the process faster, make hiring happy more efficiently and more effectively. And that’s a very positive thing for our students it’s going to help them, which is why we’re introduced this is why we are abolishing and rescinding this regulation, as we speak. The second. I’ve read it to the Ontario College by the Ontario Teachers Federation. The OTF, and I’ve asked them to waive the rule that restricts retirees from coming back,” he said.

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