Record-Breaking Day at Canadian International AutoShow


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Automotive enthusiasts continued to flock to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for the 50thanniversary Canadian International AutoShow, with a record-setting opening Saturday.

The AutoShow welcomed 49,383 guests on its second day of the 2023 event; combined with a strong crowd on opening day, it is the largest two-day opening in the history of the AutoShow in Toronto.

“Looking around, we are seeing a lot of happy faces and a lot of bums in the seats of the new cars across the show floor,” says Jason Campbell, General Manager of the AutoShow in a media release. “We have put together the pieces that make a great auto show. There is a broad collection of interesting cars here that result in those ‘Ohh! Aah!’ moments, and people are really enjoying it.”

The 50th anniversary of AutoShow is truly about mobility reimagined.

EVs have been very popular so far this year, and the AutoShow has more electric-powered cars and trucks on the show floor than ever. But the theme is also seen in a showcase of new and innovative ways people will be able to get around.

“Electrification of mobility and urban design trends that encourage close-knit neighbourhoods have inspired innovators to explore new ways for people to get around,” says Mr. Campbell. “This has resulted in some unique and interesting personal vehicles that are ideal for short commutes and urban travel, or to meet the needs of people who have mobility challenges, but still like — or need — to move about.”

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