Project to evaluate impact of COVID-19 on equity-seeking groups


Shady Salah – Media in Toronto

The Canadian Arab Institute (CAI) will launch a groundbreaking community-based research project to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on equity-seeking groups across Canada. CAI to partner with co-investigators Dr. Gervan Fearon, President of Brock University and Dr. Walid Hejazi of the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management to lead and facilitate the project.

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This investigation, the first of its kind, examines pandemic impacts on members of the Arab, Black, Hispanic, South Asian, and Indigenous communities across Canada. The focus of the research will be on Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Windsor to illuminate the challenges faced by each group, with the mission of informing the development of post-pandemic policies and processes.

Ethical Questions

If you have questions about the research in general or about your role in the study, please feel free to contact the co-lead investigator, Shireen Salti, either by telephone at 647-425-7970, or by email at This research has been reviewed and approved by the Office of Research Ethics at Brock University. If you have any questions about this process, or about your rights as a participant in the study, please contact Brock University Ethical Review Board.

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