Parvasi Media Inc, Punjabi International Film Academy Awards

Punjabi International Film Academy Awards:
4th August 2012, Air Canada Centre, Toronto.

Punjabi films are finding an increasing popularity outside India thanks to rapidly increasing Punjabi population and good quality of Punjabi films madein recent years. Ontario, Canada has one of the largest Punjabi populations (approx.350,000) outside India. Punjabi is the 4th largest spoken language in Canada which is now considered a key market for Punjabi films.
Punjabi films continueto be aggressively marketed in Canada and other parts of the world like US, UK and Australia. Despite the long history of the Punjabi film industry, thedominance of Punjabi people in Bollywood and the increasing popularity ofrecent Punjabi films there is no major Award function dedicated to rewardingexcellence in Punjabi films. After consultation with a large number of Punjabifilm personalities, community leaders and members of the Canadian Government,given their enthusiastic response, Parvasi Media Inc. decided to launch thevery first Punjabi International Film Academy Awards (PIFAA) in Ontario Canada.

“PIFAA will witness a four hour Award function, full of entertainment withperformances from leading Punjabi actors, singers and performers alike. Over100 renowned stars, producers, directors from the Punjabi film industry areexpected to attend the inaugural PIFAA function at the Air Canada Centre,Toronto, Canada. The PIFA Awards consist of 15 categories and will recognize Punjabi films from across the world. Punjabi films from Pakistan will also be included in a special category, leading Pakistani film personalities will beinvited to PIFAA 2012″ said OM Puri – Actor.

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