Ontario Tunisian Association Granted Certificate of Acceptance


The Ontario Tunisian Association (ATO) has been granted a certificate of acceptance from the provincial government to become an official organisation.

Among the objectives of this association, according to the founder:

  • Assembly and unification of the Ontario population of Tunisian descent;
  • Preserving and disseminating Tunisian traditions in order to enhance the difference and positive diversity in Canadian society;
  • Sponsoring literary, musical, and other educational and cultural events, festivals, and conferences for the advancement of people of Tunisian origin;
  • Sponsoring and organizing national, religious, and other celebrations;
  • Promote the interests of the members, devoting mutual assistance and support when needed, and inform newcomers;
  • Construction and maintenance of a center for cultural activities for Canadians of Tunisian descent in the province of Ontario;
  • Strengthening friendly relations with the other Arab communities by embracing joint activities;
  • Other complementary purposes that do not conflict with these things.


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