Ontario To Launch Digital ID Program In Late 2021



Ontario is preparing to launch a digital identification program in the coming months, meaning people will no longer need to carry a physical driver’s licence or health card.

The government said launching the technology and standards that will build Ontario’s digital identity ecosystem, which will empower simpler, faster, and better access to more convenient and secure online services.

When fully launched, Ontario’s Digital ID (identification) will allow people and businesses to prove who they are both online and in-person with built-in safety features that protect users’ privacy and personal information.

According to the government, Ontario’s digital identification program is scheduled to launch in late 2021.

It will be a convenient and easy identification solution that is made with the security and encryption necessary for today’s highly digitized world, which protects personal data while performing secure transactions and accessing online services, according to a news release from the Ministry of Finance.

Over time, Ontario’s Digital ID will open up more opportunities for individuals and businesses across all business sectors.

The initiative is yet another way that the government is working with the marketplace to support economic growth, new investments, and technological innovation.

Kaleed Rasheed, Associate Minister of Digital Government, shared an update on the government’s plan in a virtual conversation with the Council of Canadian Innovators on Ontario’s digital future.

“Openly sharing our technology approach to digital identity is an essential step in our plan to provide more convenient, private, and secure ways to prove who you are,” said Minister Rasheed in a statement. “Today’s announcement responds directly to what we continue to hear from sector partners, stakeholders, and the public – Ontario’s approach to technology needs to be ambitious, innovative, and transparent.”

Ontario’s Digital ID will use emerging technology standards and, wherever possible, publicly available open source solutions. Key principles that will underpin Ontario’s digital identity program include compliance with current industry standards and laws, including Ontario’s Digital Service Standard and Anti-Racism Data Standards.

“Our Ontario Onwards: Action Plan first announced our government’s goal to make Ontario the most advanced digital jurisdiction in the world – all in the service of the people of this province,” said Peter Bethlenfalvy, Minister of Finance. “The release of Ontario’s Digital ID later this year will be an exciting step towards transforming and modernizing government services in an increasingly digital world.”

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