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For more than three decades, Ontario colleges’ business students have been taking part in a unique skills competition that tests their marketing mettle in a series of exercises that emulate real-world business challenges.
We have a few key highlights to share with you:
To view the schedule of events for Thursday November 15, 2012, please click here.
To view the schedule of events for Friday November 16, 2012, please click here.

First, we are going green with our registration process. Please click on the “Registration” link to find the “Guide” that will help you navigate our paperless registration system.
We welcome your feedback. Please click at the “Feedback” link to tell us what you think of the registration process, the helpfulness of our website and, of course, your experience at OCMC 2012 at Centennial College, November 15 and 16.
The theme for this year’s competition is INSPIRE. And who better to instill inspiration than our keynote speaker, Tony Chapman. As one of Canada’s premier marketing and advertising gurus, he will be sharing his experiences with OCMC competitors at a special session in the campus auditorium.  
The OCMC Marketplace at The Bridge is a beneficial opportunity that will take place on Friday, Nov. 16. It is essentially a vendor exhibition that functions as a job/recruitment fair. You won’t want to miss it!
Our Gala Dinner and Awards Banquet will be hosted by a very special Master of Ceremonies, Suhana Meharchand, who is a familiar face as an on-air host at CBC News Network. This is one dinner you don’t want to be late for.
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