Olympic Torch Relay Lights Up Big Screens with Canadian Digital Signage Tools

Olympic Torch Relay Lights Up Big Screens with Canadian Digital Signage Tools
Giant TV screens across the U.K. are being used to present real time video updates of the 2012 London Summer Olympic Torch Relay, and Canadian developed digital signage software is helping keep pace.
Originally conceived as part of the winning bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics, the BBC Big Screens are a series of 100-inch outdoor screens, set up in public areas across the UK including London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast.

The BBC Big Screens are used as live event sites where news and live coverage related to the Olympic and Paralympic games is on display; the project is a collaboration among the BBC, the London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG), UK local authorities and Markham, ON-based Capital Networks.
Currently, the BBC Big Screens are being used to display live images of the progress of the Olympic torch runners, with an on-site BBC media truck sending the images over the mobile phone network back to the television centre in London.
From there the pictures are streamed live to the BBC website and are also sent to the Big Screens operations centre in Birmingham. The BBC operates the Big Screen master control from Birmingham, while operations in each town allow local input.
The live content is then fed into the Capital Networks’ Audience digital signage and media presentation system.
It can control the scheduling and management of content, audio level control and data automation while also providing viewers remote access to the screens over the Internet.
Supporting information regarding the current position of the Olympic Torch as well as the upcoming schedule and route is then added. The Audience output is then streamed over a private network to all 22 screen sites where it appears several times an hour.
When the Olympic Torch relay is in close proximity to one of the BBC Big Screens the Audience feed is displayed on that individual screen all day.
The Audience software platform is also used to create, control, distribute and display dynamic digital signage displays as well as fully automated, multi-zone channels for HD broadcast and cable TV.
Recent enhancements to the program include compatibility with the Chrome Internet browser, and Android based mobile devices.
The screens, mostly 100 inch diagonal LEDs have become a popular and powerful tool for urban regeneration and promoting community involvement by providing public coverage of a wide variety of special events including live coverage of Euro 2012, the Wimbledon Championships and the Royal Jubilee.
Established in 1991, Capital Networks Limited is a privately held company based in Markham, ON
BBC services provided in the UK include eight national TV channels plus regional programming, 10 national radio stations, 40 local radio stations and BBC Big Screens. Other services include BBC America, BBC Prime, BBC World News and BBC Worldwide on YouTube.
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