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Get ready for the next phase of Windows Development:
Windows 8 + Windows Phone + Windows Azure
Come to a Weekend AppFest near you!



You will work with top experts from ObjectSharp – and other App developers – to help design, develop and publish your Windows 8 or Windows Phone Apps. This is NOT a course or a seminar. The AppFest is designed for developers who want to finish their Windows 8 and/or Windows Phone app. You download all the tools you’ll needbeforehand and arrive at this intensive and interactive 1-day AppFest ready to start coding. 

Cost: Free

Get started:

1. Order your ticket now (seats are limited)

2. Download the tools and software you’ll need
Windows Phone

  • Windows Phone SDK download
  • Windows Phone Toolkits (Optional)
    • Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone download
    • Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone download
    • Coding4Fun Toolkit for Windows Phone download
    • Phoney Tools for Windows Phone download
    • Metro Studio download

Windows 8


3. Bring your PC and your best ideas to the AppFest
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