Nile Association… More than 30 years of serving Egyptian Community



The Nile Association of Ontario (NAO) is considered one of the most prominent and oldest Egyptian and Arab associations in Canada in general, and in the province of Ontario in particular. Its members have been communicating with Egyptians for more than thirty years, providing services to new immigrants, in addition to organizing a number of artistic, cultural, and social events.

The association’s President, Dr. Mohamed El-Haloughy, said that the association plays a major role in strengthening the bond between Egyptians residing in the main province of Canada and linking the children of the second and third generations to their home country, Egypt.

Al-Halwaji told Media in Toronto that the Nile Association is one of the most prominent Egyptian gatherings in Canada, and that its establishment came from the gathering of a number of Egyptian families in Toronto to teach Arabic at York University in 1984 before this number increased to about 50 families of Egyptian immigrants.

He emphasized that the increase in the number of Egyptian families in this gathering prompted them to register it as a non-profit organization in 1987.

NAO organizes events with the aim of connecting Egyptians in Canada with Egypt, through a series of social, cultural, artistic, and sports activities, according to Al-Halwaji.

He emphasized the role played by the association over the years to support promising Egyptian minds through initiatives presented by a number of Egyptian scholars in Canada.

The Nile Association of Ontario (NAO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing Canadians of Egyptian origin and promoting social coherence, Cultural, educational and recreational events. The activities of the NAO aim at preserving and promoting Egyptian Heritage and culture for the benefit of present and future generations of Canadians of Egyptian origin. The NAO also plays an active role in providing assistance, help, and guidance to new Egyptian immigrants in a number of ways, not the least of which is integrating into the Canadian society and becoming valuable Canadian citizens.

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