New partnership to connect Toronto residents with COVID-19 shots


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The City of Toronto is officially partnering with Vaccine Hunters Canada, a volunteer group that helps people navigate Ontario’s increasingly complicated COVID-19 vaccination rollout to connect them with opportunities for shots.

The City announced the new alliance on Wednesday, confirming that it will be encouraging the use of the tool, as well as providing the site with all relevant info about city-run vaccine clinics, such as locations, dates, and qualified groups.

“The City is always eager to find innovative ways to ensure eligible Toronto residents can book a vaccine appointment as early as possible,” the news release on the subject reads.

“Collaborating with Vaccine Hunters Canada is just one more way to assist residents in securing a vaccine appointment at City clinics for as early as the next day.”

The municipality also lauded the volunteers at Vaccine Hunters for the immense amount of work they have done to help citizens nationwide navigate the vaccine rollout and different registration systems, which can be confusing, to say the least.

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