New Company to boost Egyptian Expats’ Investments Launched

Company Fully Managed By Egyptians Abroad, Says Immigration Minister


Minister of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates‘ Affairs, Ambassador Soha Gendi, on Friday March 17,2023 , announced the launch of the Egyptians Abroad Investment Company and name the members of the founding council, where she met with a group of the most prominent Egyptian investors and businessmen abroad.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Fakhry El-Feki, Chairman of the Parliament’s Plan and Budget Committee and fund expert Former International Monetary, and the presence of Dr. Saber Suleiman, Assistant Minister of Immigration for Institutional Development, and Ambassador Amr Abbas, Assistant Minister of Immigration for Communities.

Ambassador Soha Gendi started the meeting, which she called for the founding core group of the Egyptians Abroad Investment Company, with the importance of implementing the national project to establish a joint stock company for Egyptians abroad, which is one of their most prominent demands, whether from major investors who responded to the request to participate in the establishment, or small investors who wish to preserve and develop their savings.

She promised to do her utmost to create a business-friendly environment for Egyptian investors all over the world. She asserted her keenness on promoting investment opportunities in Egypt through holding weekly video conference meetings with the Egyptian communities in the various countries of the world.

The minister of immigration said that the company is fully managed by Egyptians abroad who are investors with distinguished experiences in the fields of finance and business, and who run international companies that have achieved success in the Egyptian market.

She said that it was agreed to develop a roadmap for the procedures that will be taken, according to the work plans, whether logistical procedures or establishment procedures, explaining that coordination is taking place with various state agencies, to agree on all steps regarding the launch of the company and the investment fund, as well as the form of offering.

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