New “Brand newsroom” opportunities for Digital Journalists


New “Brand newsroom” opportunities for Digital Journalists

Are you a Digital Journalist looking for new and exciting publishing opportunities? Digital Journal will be working with several large brands and media companies to cover events, write articles and shoot photo stories across North America. Everything from concerts to product launches, press conferences to parties. We are looking for skilled writers and photographers who want to take part in the next generation of social publishing and we have several opportunities coming down the pipes. We will be offering competitive rates, awesome incentives and cool packages to Digital Journalists and we’re currently looking for top talent to sign up. Immediate opportunities will open up in Canada and the United States, but we’ll also be expanding internationally so this survey is for anyone in any country.

If you’re not familiar with us, you can read more about us here. And you’ll be in good company too, as we were recently called one of the Top 20 most promising companies in Canada.

If you would like to join our team of Digital Journalists and work with our brand newsrooms please fill in the following survey. We’re looking for writers, photographers and videographers. We will be looking for top talent across multiple categories and we will be focusing on two things in particular:

1) Your previous publishing experience, knowledge of specific categories and the details you provide in this survey. Because brand newsrooms are so diverse, we want talent for business, finance, sports, entertainment, automotive, food, environment, health & wellness, music, arts, travel, technology and more.

2) Your publishing activity on While our brand newsroom initiatives will be separate from, we are looking for people to show us their deep subject expertise (i.e. if you’re a food blogger, we want to see you being active on Digital Journal to know what you’re capable of) and we actively look across all of Digital Journal’s categories. We receive weekly reports on individual activity so applicants will stand out to us if they are active on We will be looking for top contributors on the site and how well you rank compared to others. The more you know your space, the more likely we are to offer you a gig. It’s all about expertise so show us why you are the best person for the job.
If you don’t already have an account you can create a Digital Journal account here. Once you log-in, click on the red Contribute button on the top of the page, then click on “Post news” and fill out an application. Once approved you can publish live on

So kindly fill in this survey and then have fun publishing on Digital Journal and we’ll be in touch directly with you. Note: None of this information is shared with a third-party. All information is being collected for internal use at Digital Journal Inc. See our Privacy Policy here.

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