New AdMetrics Report Looks at The Global State of Mobile Advertising


New AdMetrics Report Looks at The Global State of Mobile Advertising

July 18, 2012

On Wednesday, the team at Adfonic released its mobile AdMetrics report with freshly gleaned data on the global state of mobile advertising.
“The Adfonic reports,” writes Paul Childs, Chief Marketing Officer, “are based on tens of billions of ad requests processed monthly by the Adfonic marketplace. The Q2 2012 report draws from analysis of thousands of mobile advertising campaigns, spanning almost fifteen thousand mobile sites and apps.”

Globally, Adfonic reveals that its total ad requests spiked 15% quarter on quarter, with 8,256 active campaigns in Q2.
Europe, however, experienced the strongest growth, currently standing at 23 billion ad requests, which represents a change of 34% quarter on quarter. Thanks to this reality, Europe has surpassed North America for the first time in this regard.
Consistent with the findings of other reports around the mobile realm, the Android platform continues to surge, surpassing iOS for market share and ad impressions.
“Android overtakes iOS to become the most popular platform for mobile advertisers,” Childs reveals in highlighting a summary of the report’s key findings. “For the first time Adfonic’s global marketplace shows that Android increases its share from 38% in Q1 to 46% in Q2, while iOS declines from 45% in Q1 to 34% in Q2.”

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