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Vividata Launches with Release of Fall 2015 Study

Amalgamation of NADbank + PMB into Vividata creates a whole new read on readers

  Vividata, the amalgamated organization of NADbank + Print Measurement Bureau (PMB) launched today as Canada’s authoritative source of audience measurement for magazines and newspapers.

The launch of Vividata ( marks a whole new read on readers.  The release of the first results from the new Vividata Study provides single source, cross-platform audience measurement for magazines and daily newspapers. The study also provides a comprehensive database of consumer demographics, media usage and product data.
“The creation of Vividata is the result of a year and a half of tremendous effort, research and review in collaboration with our Vividata members, board, and research partners at TNS,” said Michele Pauchuk, Vividata Board Member and President of MEC.
Today’s consumers read constantly, across multiple platforms: a post on their mobile, news on their tablet, a magazine on a flight, a newspaper on their commute. To help publishers, advertisers and agencies understand what this massive shift in reading behaviour means for their businesses, NADbank and PMB have joined forces to create an insightful source of current data on today’s consumers.
The Full Vividata Study Includes:
  • Annual sample of 36,000 Canadians (12+); rolling 52 week online survey completion
  • National sample with market level detail for 50 markets across Canada
  • Single source study providing print and digital metrics for 80 magazines and 78 newspapers, along with comprehensive product and media usage data base
  • Rolling 12 month data released four times per year
“This research represents a significant achievement for Canada’s publishing business. Now we have the insights we need to build an even stronger and smarter future for Canadian readers and advertisers,” said Steve Maich, Vividata Board Member and Senior Vice President – Publishing, Rogers Communications. “As advertisers, agencies and publishers, we knew that we needed to come together to create deeper and more timely data, reflecting the full range of reader preferences and activity across all platforms.”
Vividata Fall 2015 Study Highlights:
Note: First results of the study cover January – June 2015 fieldwork.
Canadians are reading magazines and newspapers more than ever, and how they are reading has changed.
Vividata’s new cross-platform data confirms that declines in print readership of newspapers and magazines have been offset by growth in digital readers.
  • Newspapers reached 56% of Canadian adults “yesterday,” up from 50% five years ago. While reach of those reading printed copies dropped five percentage points over the five years (from 46% to 41%), digital readers have almost tripled to 31% reach.
  • Magazines reached almost three quarters of Canadians, which is unchanged over five years ago. An increase in digital readers has offset the decline in print readers.
  • Vividata’s new measurement is capturing reading across multiple digital devices including laptop/PC, mobile phone and tablet/e-readers.
  • Twenty six per cent of daily newspaper readers, read only a digital edition.
  • Forty two per cent of magazine readers are cross-platform readers (print and digital). On average, nine per cent read digital versions exclusively. This composition varies widely by magazine title.
  • Mobile reading is big. Seventy per cent of digital readers are using their mobile device to read magazines and newspapers.
  • Teens and Young Adults are Reading!
    • Teens: 75% are magazine readers, two points more than the overall Canadian average, and 38% read a daily newspaper “yesterday.”
    • Adults 18-34: Two thirds read magazines, and just under half read a newspaper “yesterday.”
    • Young adults read differently: almost two thirds of 12-34s read a magazine online, and almost three quarters of newspaper readers chose a digital version.
“Today we have an industry leading methodology that provides single source, cross-platform measurement,” said Phillip Crawley, Vividata Board Member and Chief Executive Officer and Publisher, The Globe and Mail. “Our insight will be based on current data, shared more frequently than ever before. Now we have a good story, based on credible data that we can tell with conviction.”
Creating the Vividata Brand:
To create awareness for the Vividata brand, an integrated communications plan, including a newly designed web site for Vividata, was developed by Ryan Edwards Communications in collaboration with the branding agency Trajectory. The branding for Vividata reinforces the rich, vital quality of the insights behind the numbers and the design depicts the intersection point of multiple planes that can be read as a laptop and a print publication.
“The team at Vividata worked closely with our partners at Ryan Edwards Communications and Trajectory, to create a brand and identity to reflect the expanding media ecosystem and the business models of today’s publishers,” shared Shelagh Stoneham, Vividata Board Member and Senior Vice President Marketing, Shoppers Drug Mart. “We are proud of the resulting Vividata branding and feel confident it succeeds at profiling the uniqueness of our new research offering.”
About Vividata:
Vividata is Canada’s authoritative, source of cross platform audience data, print and digital, for magazines and newspapers. Founded in 2014, as the amalgamated organization of NADbank and Print Measurement Bureau (PMB), Vividata launched in 2015. The single source survey also provides a comprehensive media and product usage database. A tripartite, not-for-profit organization, Vividata is governed by a board of directors representing the interests of Canadian publishers, agencies and advertisers. To learn more, please visit
About TNS:
TNS Canada has been at the forefront of marketing, social and media audience research in this country since the inception of the marketing research industry, and remains one of the largest and most innovative firms of its kind in Canada. Our roots go back to 1932 when Canadian Facts was established as Canada’s first survey research organization. Today, with presence in over 80 countries, TNS is a modern global giant in marketing and opinion research. With offices in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver, TNS is a proud employer of close to 100 full-time members of staff in Canada.
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