Mobile gesture control: Bridging screens in your space with devices in your pocket

Mobile gesture control: Bridging screens in your space with devices in your pocket
Wednesday, September 26, 2012 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EDT) Toronto,

Oblong Industries   @oblong_news
In this workshop, you’ll be building applications with gestural input across multiple screens. Mobile phones become spatially-aware input devices for pointing, photography, and gesture. We’ll use Processing as the graphics environment, and Oblong’s extension, Substrate, to bridge Processing with your mobile devices. Together we’ll build interactive applications that communicate with every person and every device in the room.

Designers and engineers from Oblong will teach you how to use our software libraries by walking you through sample code that exercises all of our APIs. Then we’ll brainstorm ideas and break into teams. Oblong engineers will be on hand to help you create your own applications. At the end of the day, we’ll showcase everyone’s work and have fun playing with what’s been created.
Attendees will need their own computer with Processing 2.0 installed and should have some programming experience. If you own an iOS or Android device, we recommend that you install our g-speak Pointer application before arriving.

Substrate download:

Processing download:
The iOS application can be downloaded from the app store by searching for g-speak, or following this link:
The Android application can be downloaded similarly

In attendance:
Dan Chak / Oblong Industries / VP Software Engineering
Pete Hawkes / Oblong Industries / g-speak Engineer
Nick Masso / Oblong Industries / g-speak Engineer

Dan Chak / Oblong Industries / VP Software Engineering
As VP of Software Engineering, Dan Chak leads Oblong’s developer outreach efforts. Prior to Oblong, Dan served as VP Engineering at Fluent Mobile, Director of Software Development for, and as a software engineer for Dan is also the author of Enterprise Rails (O’Reilly Media, 2008). He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT, and a Masters of Media Arts & Sciences from the MIT Media Lab.
Oblong Oblong has developed the visionary computing environments from Minority Report into real technology solutions. The era of one human, one mouse, one screen, one machine is giving way to what’s next: a unified experience across multiple users, devices, screens, and locations via a groundbreaking spatial interface. This is what Oblong builds. It’s why we’re here.

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