Meet the Best Olympics Advertisers Who Can’t Say ‘Olympics’

Meet the Best Olympics Advertisers Who Can’t Say ‘Olympics’
Who’s Brand-Jacking the Games This Year?
 By: Ann-Christine Diaz Published: July 31, 2012
You don’t need to be an official Olympics 2012 sponsor in order to ride the momentum of the games. In fact, some reports suggest that the right kind of creative — not necessarily sponsor status — is key to getting a huge audience for your brands during the world’s biggest sporting celebration.
Some of the best creative moves surrounding the games come from those who haven’t paid their way into the IOC’s inner circle. Some are outright ambushes, while others are complementary celebrations. Check out some of the best non-sponsored work from this year’s games below.

Not that London, this London.
Both Nike and British bookmaker Paddy Power namecheck “London” to help promote their respective brands in 2012. Paddy Power has gotten into a legal tussle with the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games stemming from this in-your-face outdoor campaign touting the brand as an “official sponsor of the largest athletics event in London this year.” But it’s not the London you’re thinking about.
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