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What’s your strategy for reaching them when they’re in the store, in front of your product, scanning your labels and connecting with other consumers? Find the path to monetization with the latest technologies and strategies from the leading experts in the field.

Join us at the Mobile Marketing Conference, a full-day event for marketers who understand the new consumer.

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Darren Pereira, President, Blackoptek

Deb Hall, Managing Director, Web2Mobile

Mobile Platforms: Dig deep or go wide?
Canada’s Olympic broadcasters reported 61% of its digital traffic came from mobile devices, proving that brands and media companies can no longer overlook their mobile experience (even though so many marketers do just that).
Why invest in a top-of-the-line website if more than half of your visitors can’t look at it on their phones? Online experiences must take Android, BlackBerry, Apple and their competing platforms into account. Can you focus on just one platform? How much time does it take to build experiences for every mobile user? Industry experts will explain how to address these key issues early in the development cycle and debate how to deal with the growing number of platforms consumers are using.

Other sessions Topics include:

  • Canadian Mobile State of the Nation
  • Integrating Mobile Into Cross-Platform Advertising
  • The Mobile Future is Now
  • The Best and Worst of Mobile

Mark your calendars! The Mobile Marketing Conference conference takes place on Tuesday, September 25th at the Bram & Bluma Appel Salon in Toronto.

Ticket Price: $499 + HST

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