Marketing magazine editor named emcee for KRW awards

Marketing editor named emcee for KRW awards

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Tom Gierasimczuk, editor-in-chief of Marketing magazine, has been named master of ceremonies of the 58th annual Kenneth R. Wilson Awards.
“It’s a true honour to be asked to host such an important annual national event,” said Gierasimczuk in a release. “I bet at no point in their 58-year history have the KRWs attracted the attention they have this year. At first I thought it was all because of my being the emcee. But no, it’s because the various changes in this transitional year have piqued the interest of so many.”

KRW stated that Gierasimczuk “is also proud that Canada’s business press has stood up for what they believe in—albeit anonymously—on various message boards.”
152 nominees representing 57 business-to-business magazines are up for awards this year in 20 written, visual and special categories.
“The 100+ magazines and their contributors who have entered the KRW competition should all be proud of their fine work,” says Gierasimczuk.
So what’s he got planned for the big night—er, day? “My mission is one of advocacy for the industry, and of course I think everyone will have a great time. Let’s just say that you should spend the equivalent of a fill-up and celebrate the great work you do everyday with your peers.”
Meanwhile, Marketing magazine is up for several KRW awards this year, including magazine of the year.
The KRWs will be held on June 7, co-presented by Canadian Business Press and Magazines Canada. Tickets are on sale at

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