London 2012 International Broadcast Centre completed

London 2012 International Broadcast Centre completed
The International Broadcast Centre venue is the fifth to be completed on the Olympic Park.
 The 275m-long building will form part of the Main Media Complex – a 24-hour media hub which also includes the Main Press Centre (MPC). The complex will cater for over 20,000 broadcasters, photographers and print journalists – bringing the Games to an estimated four billion people worldwide.

 It has been designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate a range of potential tenants and uses after the Games.
 A high street will support both the IBC and MPC, containing dedicated retail, leisure and support services, accessed only by accredited press and broadcasters. The complex will also have a catering village and a multi-storey car park links the two main venues together via a structure which includes a conference room for up to 700 people.
 ODA Chairman John Armitt said: “The Olympic Park project is on schedule and within budget. Today’s announcement of the completion of the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) means that with over a year to go to the Games five of the six main venues on the site have now finished construction, allowing time for LOCOG to install overlay and run test events.
“The ODA has hit all of its milestones to date and we are firmly on track to deliver the venues and infrastructure required for the Games and in legacy as planned.”
Olympics Minister Hugh Robertson said: “The IBC is fundamental to the worldwide success of the Games housing thousands of the world’s media and sending pictures right across the world. As one of the largest venues on the Park, its completion with a year to go is a great achievement, and is yet another example of businesses across the country coming together to deliver for the United Kingdom.”
The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “The capital is going to be at the centre of global media attention during the summer of 2012, with thousands of broadcasters descending on London’s great sporting spectacular.
 “As well as providing them with a world class facility to tell the story of the Games, we aim to make the fantastic International Broadcast Centre the focus of a new high-tech creative hub to benefit the capital for years to come.”
 Ed. You have to wonder why this building doesn’t have more life about it. Allies and Morrison have a good pedigree for elegant, simple buildings but this doesn’t appear to match their normal standards.
 With the compromises to the Aquatics Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects, the pedestrian station and the lack of spark in the main stadium it appears as though the Olympics will be ready on time but look unlikely to form an integrated piece of refined architecture. This is a wasted opportunity, the freedom inherent in these typologies should have resulted in a fantastic array of buildings.
 Adrian Welch, e-architect Editor
Media Mayor Inc.
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