Lebanese Peaceful Demonstration (Mississauga)

Sunday Oct 20 at Yonge-Dundas Square #Toronto Stand in Solidarity with the people of Lebanon


Mainstream Media in Canada are invited Today Sunday Oct 20th at 2 PM : by the Canadian Lebanese Community in Toronto

Join us, click here for more info. Facebook events 

Sunday Oct 27, 2019 3 PM – 5 PM

Follow live: on social media #LebanonProtests #OneLebanon or in arabic لبنان_ينتفض#

for more info call : Hamsa Diab Farhat +1 416­ 710 ­8710

All are invited to stand in solidarity with the people of Lebanon that  WANT FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE TO  ADVANCE DEMOCRACY AND FIGHT CORRUPTION IN   Lebanese government and politics. As  Canadian Lebanese, we are coming out to channel our  SUPPORT FOR AN ECONOMICALLY VIBRANT  AND DEMOCRATIC LEBANON THAT CAN CONTINUE TO BE A STRONG FRIEND AND TRADE  PARTNER TO CANADA.

Close to 3000 people showed up. #OneLebanon. We stand with you all the way from Toronto

The media has a crucial role in supporting social movements  TO PROMOTE THE CANADIAN VALUES OF DEMOCRACY AND SHARED PROSPERITY.   We are  not asking for coverage of the event/protest only, we want coverage to our message. Our message  tomorrow is clear:  “We as Canadian Lebanese want a secular  DEMOCRATIC   government. We  WANT TO ELIMINATE  CORRUPTION

We want a better economy, jobs, electricity, better healthcare system for Lebanon  TO  REMAIN A STRONG FRIEND AND ECONOMIC PARTNER TO CANADA BASED ON A LONG  HISTORY OF SHARED CONNECTIONS.

We are standing in solidarity with the people in Lebanon  #OneLebanon



“Canada and Lebanon are close friends with deep people ­to­ people ties. We are closely monitoring  the situation there.  The right to peaceful protest must be respected.

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