Intro to Arduino (for programmers!) dec 8


Intro to Arduino (for programmers!)

Karma Laboratory

Saturday, December 8, 2012 from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM Toronto, ON

Already know what a variable is? How about a for-loop? Then this Arduino workshop is for you! Attendance is capped at 8 people so you’ll be guarenteed lots of individual instructor attention.
We’ll be using these Arduino prototyping boards from Sparkfun: Along with these other things called “breadboards”, “jumper wires”, and “header pins”. (Remember that materials are worked into the registration fee so you get to keep everything after the workshop!)

In this 4 hour course, we’ll write lots of Arduino code to make the supplied electronics components buzz, light up, and react to human input. We’ll look into how they work together and then we’ll snap apart the components and wire up the peices on a breadboard.
Never soldered before? Yep, we’ll do that too!
Note that I assume no electronics experience however I ask that you are comfortable reading and writing code. The Arduino programming language is based on a simplied version of C++ but if you know the basics of JavaScript, Java, Processing, Python, etc then you should be fine.
(If you do not know a programming language, you might be interested more in my Intro to Arduino Programming (for absolute beginners) workshop. Please let me know if you would like me to host one! I only need 6 attendees to make a workshop happen.)
If you have any questions, feel free to reach me at pearl[at]
Things to bring to the workshop
Bring your laptop and power cord! If possible, please also download and install the Arduino 1.0.2 software for your operating system in advance from
About the host
Maker Kids is a non-profit organization that enables kids to build their ideas with real tools and materials. Our goal is to inspire and empower kids to think, design, experiment and create. We offer workshops, seminars, and afterschool programs at our Makerspace in Roncesvalles village, and participate in events in Toronto and the area.
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